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кран шаровый, кран шаровой, шаровые краны, клапаны
затвор поворотный, заслонка баттерфляй
задвижка запорная, задвижка фланцевая
вентиль запорный, вентиля, вентиль
обратные клапаны, клапан обратный
фильтры осадочные, фильтр грубой очистки
вибровставки, резиновая вставка
компенсаторы сильфонные осевые, осевой компенсатор
электроприводы, взрывозащищенные
электромагнитные клапаны, соленоидный клапан
пневматический клапан, пневмоклапаны
пневмоприводы, пневмопривода
конденсатоотводчики, конденсатоотводчик
вантуз аэрационный чугунный фланцевый
предохранительный клапан, клапаны предохранительные



бытовые насосы, насос бытовой
расширительные баки, гидроаккумуляторы
гибкие шланги, шланги нержавейка





For over 12 years control valves UKSPAR successfully operated in different Ukrainian industries: utilities, construction, food industry, chemical and oil and gas industry, energy sector, gas - heat - water and has great recommendations consumers.




Valves UKSPAR efficiently in different environments: water, steam, gas, oil products, corrosive media, food, etc., as well as in various parameters of pressure and temperature conditions.




In online store there a wide range of necessary piping and valves for industrial and domestic purposes, in the best ratio of quality parameter and price in this segment of products on the market.




In our online store specially designed convenient and simple selection filters product according to the required specifications in any product category. By going to the "Products", you will be able to easily choose the desired item.




On the current date prices in the online store up-to all kinds of the goods including VAT. On the page dedicated to each product marked with its price. You can also download the price for the entire range of our products. The price of the underlying. There is a flexible system of discounts for wholesale buyers.





A large part of the pipeline and valves for the convenience of proektam in EXPAR developed 2D drawings for AutoCad and drawings and models in 3D for AutoCad, Compass 3D, and basically the format of the transmission surfaces between CAD systems, STEP.


Contact the managers of the company UKSPAR you can make a booking or to obtain the necessary advice on products.

Ask question you can get online from the website by clicking in the right part on the blue button "Start a chat" in the dialog box in text form to ask the Manager.

or call to us by phones:

+38 (044) 563-33-00; +38 (044) 563-78-41
+38 (067) 462-38-83; укспар в viber +38 (067) 502-18-03

We work from 9-00 till 18-00, from Monday to Friday.
Saturday, Sunday - weekend.

Also you can buy the valve by pre-ordering online in our online store, using the instructions on the page "How to order".

Valves UKSPAR: available quality and cost, guarantee

The use of valves in the industry is a prerequisite for proper regulation and proper control over the flow of any working environment. Liquids and gases used in a range of industries and business areas also apply to ensure that the natural needs of the population. Therefore, shut-off and control valves are needed everywhere, from private homes to create systems Energo - and water supply, to large-scale oil and gas sector of the economy.

5 reasons why to order the pipe fittings you need we have

In the market segment of the goods necessary for the construction, maintenance and operation of the pipeline products of the company UKSPAR long ago won the leading positions among the competitors. Our products have established themselves in the best way, therefore, the choice of the valves in Kiev preference often give brand UKSPAR.

The range of goods that are in demand both for private use and industrial applications, guarantee that any consumer will find we have everything you need. Our company is engaged in the manufacture and supply to the domestic market only quality products.

Create an impeccable reputation we have managed through adequate pricing of pipeline valves for oil, chemical liquids, gas, water and steam, as well as high consumer ratings. Regular customers think is the trading and manufacturing company UKSPAR best because:

1. The aim of our work is to care about the quality made of the valves.
2. To buy the desired products, after referring to the catalog, every customer can via the Internet.
3. We offer free consultations to buyers, also providing them assistance in selecting the appropriate product.
4. Deliver pipe fittings not only in Kiev and region, but throughout Ukraine.
5. Cooperate with the most successful transport companies.

If desired or necessary, the customer can self-collect your purchase at our warehouse. All the categories and positions listed in the catalogue of pipeline valves for the price of 100% of the appropriate quality, always have in stock and, therefore, pickup is available any weekday.

The products in the catalogue: you can always buy!

To efficiently and properly manage, control the flow of water, gas, oil and other work environments, it is important to choose the elements of the valves. The company EXPAR could objectively evaluate the demand for variety of piping products, and therefore today the company can offer customers the following variety of goods:

  • ball valves;
  • check valves;
  • valves;
  • the valve;
  • doors;
  • the sediment filters;
  • expansion joints;
  • expansion joints bellows;
  • pneumatic and electric actuators;
  • safety valves, etc.

In addition, these products are not completes the list of manufactured and supplied goods. Among the least popular products from the sphere of pipeline valves worth noting the pumps, hoses, instrumentation, expansion tanks, etc.

The current elements of the valves are manufactured for industrial purpose, have a high technical and quality characteristics. In particular, products of the company EXPAR well maintained at low and high temperatures, including working environments have a high degree of protection against aggressive substances present in the flow of liquids and gases.

How to choose and order the regulating and shut-off valve is in the capital?

Price of pipe fittings in Kiev is determined by several indicators. Depending on the complexity of the functional tasks that the company sets itself in the manufacturing process. The cost of regulating valves used to control corrosive and aggressive environments might be different from the locking elements of the pipeline, enabling fast reaction in case of problems, and overlapping work streams. It is impossible not to remember and about safety valve: it is implemented with the aim to upgrade automatically to protect the pipeline from unexpected pressure spikes.

Our products and services and individuals, and business representatives, and enterprises kommunalno-household sphere. If You decide to buy valves, the cost of the product EXPAR will pleasantly surprise You.

An additional advantage of cooperation with our company are the best discounts and loyalty bonuses.


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