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Ball valve, ball valves - ✔ Production UKSPAR. ✔ Affordable prices. ✔ Discounts. >>>. Different diameters of ball valves. Stainless steel, steel, brass.

A ball valve, also known as a ball cock – one of the most popular varieties of valves. The device with the locking element of the spherical shape is very common in many areas. Its simplicity of operation, reliability, ability to ensure the maximum tightness, to quickly block or open the flow of the working environment has made it in demand almost everywhere, which operated the pipeline.

Vavle expar


The valve construction has developed over hundreds of years ago, and the current valving is a little different from their "ancestors". The only fundamental difference is that in the best density in the place where the metal surface of the locking ball is in contact with the body seat. Lack of tightness was the main drawback of the old models of cranes, but modern production methods have allowed to completely eliminate it.
The problem was solved thanks to modern polymer materials. Of them, in particular, synthetic rubber, fluoropolymer, and others began to produce balls and seals for cranes. Because of this managed to achieve maximum tightness and along with it reduce the effort that must be applied to control the locking device.


Variety of ball valves from UKSPAR

A range of taps UKSPAR is divided into categories according to several criteria:

1. Connection type:

   Кран шаровый, кран шаровой, фланцевый. UKSPAR  Кран шаровый, кран шаровой, муфтовый, резьбовой. UKSPAR  Кран шаровый, кран шаровой, приварной. UKSPAR     

• Flanged valves;
• Coupling, also known as threaded;
• Welded.

2. Functionality:

Кран шаровый трехходовой УКСПАР

• L-shaped, allowing to distribute flow to one side of the branching pipe;
• T-shaped, thanks to which you can allocate then to one side, and two at the same time.

3. On cross:

• Full bore;
• As reduced.

4. On the constructive characteristics:

• Dvuhmestnye;
• Part of;
• Monoblock.

Why buy ball valves?

Valves has a number of advantages that allow its use in all spheres, including:

• Maximum simplicity of construction, and therefore, reliability and durability;
• Compact design that allows mounting in small free spaces;
• High integrity;
• Suitability for use in a high pressure environment;
• Convenient, simple operation that requires minimal effort;
• Affordable price, appropriate quality and reliability of the devices.

Buy ball valve from UKSPAR

We can buy a ball valve for every industrial sector, including food processing, oil production and refining, chemical industry and utilities, including water and heating. The cranes are suitable for different working environments – air, water, including steam, gas, etc.

Additionally the device from the manufacturer equipped with a mounting kit, they can be installed pneumatic and electric actuators.

The price of the valve depends on the specific model. The cost is on the page specifically chosen ball valve, or you can download the General price list.

To order a ball valve you can, being in Dnepropetrovsk, Dneprodzerzhinsk, Zaporozhye, Krivoy Rog, Kharkov and other regions of Ukraine, as follows: using the step by step instructions posted on the page "How to order" (See. also the menu at the top) or create on the website in advance.

 Video review of ball valves

Краны шаровые видео

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The manufacturer reserves the right to amend design and technical parameters of products without notice to the customer.