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Ball valve, ball valves - ✔ Production UKSPAR. ✔ Affordable prices. ✔ Discounts. >>>. Different diameters of ball valves. Stainless steel, steel, brass.

Ball valve-one of the types of valves, a kind of pipeline valve. It has been used for more than 100 years, but in modern models the design is slightly changed: high-quality materials allow to achieve high density of connection and provide ease of regulation. Ball valves are used in most pipelines, for example, in gas and water supply systems, heating, etc.


Vavle expar


This type of crane is one of the easiest and most convenient to use, reliable in operation, and provides maximum tightness, allowing you to quickly control the flow of the working environment.


Variety of ball valves from UKSPAR


Depending on the type of connection, product material, functionality, patency and design features, cranes can be divided into several types. The body is made of different materials: brass, stainless steel and its alloys. Also, the ball valve is able to direct the liquid in one direction (L-shaped), and distribute the liquid simultaneously in two directions (T-shaped).

Кран шаровый трехходовой УКСПАР

By type of connection are distinguished:


 flange valves. They are convenient to disassemble and mount on another site, as well as to install in any position with a different direction of water flow;

 thread. They withstand a water temperature of 100C and a pressure above 16 bar. Threaded taps are also known as "coupling" and have a high tightness of connection, small size. They are most often used in public utilities;

 welded. These water faucets are distinguished by the fact that their installation required welded joints. The mechanism mounted in the system cannot be removed for repair or replacement. But welded cranes do not leak if the seam is made qualitatively and there is no rust in the system.

It is important to choose the right type of crane and its size, which will ensure the efficient operation of the mechanism and a longer service life.


   Кран шаровый, кран шаровой, фланцевый. UKSPAR  Кран шаровый, кран шаровой, муфтовый, резьбовой. UKSPAR  Кран шаровый, кран шаровой, приварной. UKSPAR     


Features of ball valves

All types of ball valves have several advantages that expand the scope of their use. For such products are characteristic:




 absence of "stagnant" zones in the mechanism;

 ease of use;

 the possibility of installation in an adverse environment - in conditions of high humidity, pressure or low temperature.

Among the disadvantages of the ball valve-the possibility of a hydraulic shock in the system with high pressure, if you turn the lever sharply.

Buy quality ball valves in Kiev and delivery to Ukraine in our online store. We guarantee low cost of the order thanks to direct cooperation with the manufacturer.


Why buy ball valves?


Valves has a number of advantages that allow its use in all spheres, including:

• Maximum simplicity of construction, and therefore, reliability and durability;

• Compact design that allows mounting in small free spaces;

• High integrity;

• Suitability for use in a high pressure environment;

• Convenient, simple operation that requires minimal effort;

• Affordable price, appropriate quality and reliability of the devices.

Buy ball valve from UKSPAR


We can buy a ball valve for every industrial sector, including food processing, oil production and refining, chemical industry and utilities, including water and heating. The cranes are suitable for different working environments – air, water, including steam, gas, etc.

Additionally the device from the manufacturer equipped with a mounting kit, they can be installed pneumatic and electric actuators.

The price of the valve depends on the specific model. The cost is on the page specifically chosen ball valve, or you can download the General price list.

To order a ball valve you can, being in Dnepropetrovsk, Dneprodzerzhinsk, Zaporozhye, Krivoy Rog, Kharkov and other regions of Ukraine, as follows: using the step by step instructions posted on the page "How to order" (See. also the menu at the top) or create on the website in advance.

 Video review of ball valves

Краны шаровые видео

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