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Rotary valve butterfly (disk pivoting shutter) – ✔ Production UKSPAR. ✔ Affordable prices. ✔ Discounts. >>>. The different diameters of the rotary valves. Cast iron, steel.

1. Flange dimensions rotary valves, valves of production "UKSPAR" for connection of pneumatic and electric actuators.
2. The throughput of valves with soft seal of the type "butterfly".


This is one of the types of valves, locking and regulating the working body in the form of a disk that rotates around an axis set perpendicular or at an angle to the direction of flow of the working medium.
Also, these shut-off devices called rotary dampers butterfly.

the rotary valve butterfly

Due to the fact that the movement of the disc has a certain similarity with the movements of the wings of a butterfly, so the butterfly valves in common parlance is called – valve (shutter valve) "butterfly" (Latin for butterfly).
Depending on the structural and functional features of butterfly valves are divided into:

• according to the type of attachment of the damper:

- eccentric disc the axis of disc rotation does not coincide with the axis;
- axial disk – the rotation axis of the disk coincides with the axis of the connection method.


The advantages of butterfly valve:

• simplicity of design;
• affordable price;
• light weight and long construction;
• easy installation and maintenance;
• installs in any position of the pipeline (vertical, horizontal);
• the minimum time of opening and closing;
• long service life;
• low hydraulic losses;
• application for large diameter pipelines.


• inability to work in environments with highly crystallized inclusions;
• not enough high tightness under high pressures.

Valves, gate valves rotary disc, which you can buy in the company UKSPAR cover the entire product range and is intended for use in all manufacturing sectors: chemical, petroleum and food industries, utilities, water and heat supply in the pipeline with various gas and idcourse, granular environments.

disk pivoting shutter

Butterfly valves are additionally equipped with mounting kits and mating flanges. It can be installed electric and pneumatic actuators.

The price for disk pivoting shutter is on the page specifically chosen shutter disk or download the General price list.

Buy disk pivoting shutter you can, being in Dnepropetrovsk, Dneprodzerzhinsk, Zaporozhye, Krivoy Rog, Kharkov and other regions of Ukraine, as follows: using the step by step instructions posted on the page "How to order" (See. also the menu at the top), create on the website in advance.

the rotary damper butterfly

Video review rotary valves, disc valves "butterfly"

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