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Gate - a kind of shut-off valves with locking or regulating the working body, moving perpendicular to the fluid flow.
By design and function of the valve are divided:
• to design the obturator:
  - Gate valve - the sealing surface of the shutter plate are in the form of a wedge which in the closed position tightly comes between the saddles housing angled corner of the corresponding wedge
- Gate valve - valve sealing surface is a plate with parallel surfaces densely arranged in parallel between the incoming body seat
• the type of movement of the spindle (stock):
- With rising stem - the threaded portion is located in the housing
- With non-retractable (rotatable) spindle - threaded portion positioned outside the housing
• according to the method of connection:
- flanged
- wafer type
- Sleeve
• low construction height;
• the possibility of operating in harsh working environments (with increased viscosity with the possibility of crystallisation and the presence of abrasive particles, etc..)
• low hydraulic resistance.
• Easy installation;
• moving parts of the gate does not take a strong liking;
• Use on pipes with large diameters.

gate valve with bypass

Disadvantages are:
• complexity of replacement parts during operation.
• a long time opening and closing;
• a lot of building height;

Valves, which you can buy in the company UKSPAR, cover the entire product range and are designed for use in all industrial sectors: chemical, petroleum, food processing, mining and obogatelnyh plants, cement factories, poultry farms, utilities, water and heat supply in pipelines different gas liquid imaginative and granular media.

On the valve can be selected and installed pneumatic actuators.
Price of the product, you can find out once on the page specifically chosen valves or downloading general price list.
Buy it, you can read as follows: using step by step instructions posted on the page "How to order", create online pre-orders.

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