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Valve - a pipe fitting, in which the regulating shut-regulating device is reciprocated in parallel to the work environment.
A valve element that moves a spindle. The spindle is screwed into the threaded cap or placed in the yoke fixed spindle nut.
On design features and functionality of the valves are divided:
• functionality:
- shut-off
- balancing
- regulating

• on design features:
- straight-through
- communicating
- angular

• to design the locking element:
- needle
- Belleville
• by the method of sealing the lid with swivel joint spindle:
- bellows
- stuffing
• on the location of the lead nut:
- With external thread
- With sensor thread

The valves have been successfully used in places where you need greater integrity and reliability of the slab medium flow.
• Small size and weight;
• Easy maintenance, accessibility for maintenance and repair;
• ability to function effectively at high values and drops on the locking member;
• short stroke of the closure element;
• the possibility of using a control device;
• can be mounted on the piping in any position.
• a large hydraulic resistance;
• Inability to use in highly contaminated work environments, as well as in media with high viscosity;
• the possibility of movement of the working medium in one direction only, due to the design of the valve;
Gates, which you can buy in the company UKSPAR, cover the entire product range and are designed for use in all industrial sectors: chemical, petroleum, food, utilities, water and heat in the pipes with different gas-liquid-like operating environments.
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