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The solenoid valve - a device that provides for remote opening overlap or supplying a working fluid in the pipeline.

Solenoid valves for functional and structural features are divided into:

• the method steps:
- Solenoid valves direct action - the process of closing or opening of the working body of the valve is influenced by the movement of the valve directly to the core when you receive the voltage across its coil
- Solenoid valves indirect action - opening and closing the main valve is influenced by the energy of the working environment at the starting subjected to a pilot valve, actuated when energized coil.

• by the method of closing:
- Solenoid valve normally open - the valve is in the open position when there is no electrical supply to the coil position is closed when power is applied to the coil
- Solenoid valve normally closed - the valve is in the closed position in the absence of power supply to the coil in position open when power is applied to the coil

• the type of power supply voltage
- Solenoid valve with a constant voltage of 12V
- Solenoid valve with a constant voltage 24V
- Solenoid valve with variable voltage 110V
- Solenoid valve with variable voltage of 220V
- Solenoid valve with variable voltage 380V

Solenoid valves, which you can buy in the company UKSPAR intended for use in any industrial sectors: chemical, oil, food, water and heat supply in the pipeline with various gas and liquid-like environments.

Knowing the specifications, you will choose (using the filters on the left column of this page of the site) any desired solenoid valve on the following parameters:

• working environment - water, air, inert gases, steam, water, nefteprolukty (diesel, fuel oil, oil, natural gas, corrosive media, food fluids.
• Diameter - Ǿ1 / 8 "- 2"
• Pressure - 0.4 - 4.0MRa
• temperature control - -10 ÷ 160 ° C
• Body material - stainless steel, brass
• Voltage - DC - 12V, AC - 110, 220, 380V
• fittings - threaded (threaded)
• design features - solenoid valve normally open, normally closed solenoid valve, solenoid valve direct acting solenoid valve indirect action.
Price of the product, you can find out once on the page specifically chosen solenoid valve, or by downloading a common price list.

Video review of the solenoid valves

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This catalog features product specifications UKSPAR at the moment.
The manufacturer reserves the right to amend design and technical parameters of products without notice to the customer.