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Таблица подбора электроприводов общепромышленного назначения

Схема електрических соединений для электроприводов общепромышленного назначения с ручным управлением 220 / 24 V и с потенциометром обратной связи


Таблица подбора электроприводов во взрывозащищенном исполнении

Схема електрических соединений для электроприводов во взрывозащещенном исполнении

Electric drives

The actuators - an electromechanical device that allows remote control of the working process of locking and control valves in various technological networks.
The actuators depending on the design features and functionality are divided into:
• functionality
- Multi (actuator for valves and valves)
- A quarter of current (for electric rotary actuator for butterfly valves such as "Butterfly")
• fire safety:
- Industrial version
- Explosion-proof
• the type of power supply voltage
- With a constant voltage of 12V
- Constant voltage 24V
- 110V AC voltages
- With variable voltage of 220V
- 380V AC voltages
Electric drives, which you can buy in the company UKSPAR, cover the entire product range of a quarter of current drives that are installed on ball valves and butterfly valves.

To ensure all of the drives are selected by our experts for specific types of pipe fittings.
Price of the product, you can find out once on the page specifically chosen the drive or download the general price list.
Buy them, you can read as follows: using the step by step instructions posted on the page "How to order" (see. Well as the top menu), create online pre-orders.
Then be sure to contact our manager by phone. (044) 563-33-00, specifies methods of payment, delivery and get advice on the positions of the goods for which you have doubts about the correctness of their choice.
Also, you can send a e-mail:, and our managers will contact with you in the near future.
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Video review of electric drives

Электроприводы видео