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Three-way ball valve ( L-/ T-shaped) / SS304, SS316 / PTFE / PN40 (Fig. K322)

Three-way ball valve, L / T-shaped

Before we understand how the three-way ball valves of the L-shaped and T-shaped types differ from each other, we first consider its design features.

A three-way ball valve, regardless of its type, has three inputs / outputs. The definition of the inputs or outputs depends on the performance of the functional tasks when the crane is connected to a particular process flow sheet.

кран шаровый трехходовой l, t образный

Externally L-shaped and T-shaped cranes are no different. Their difference is only in the constructive features of the regulatory ball.

In the L-shaped three-way valve in the control ball, a passage for the L-shaped working medium is made at an angle of 90о.The task of this regulator is to change the direction of the flow of the working medium from one direction to another and vice versa.

кран шаровый трехходовой L образный

In the T-shaped three-way valve, a T-shaped passage is made in the control ball. The task of the regulating ball in this three-way valve may differ depending on its task in the technological scheme.

1. When you submit a working environment to one input, you can split its two threads. When switching the working element, it is possible to disconnect any of these streams.

2. When feeding different media from two inputs, they can be mixed. When switching the regulator, you can stop mixing and send to the output only one of the types of working medium.

кран шаровый трехходовой T образный


Crane ball flange of the brand UKSPAR