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The UKSPAR stop valves store surprises with a huge selection of home-made products at competitive prices. On all production there are certificates of conformity and a guarantee. The catalog of the Ukrainian trademark contains dozens of types of fittings for pipes, which work with different working media, on high and low pressure lines, in various temperature conditions.


UKSPAR stop valves assortment

The main part of UKSPAR products is shut-off valves, which are used to shut off the working flow or control its movement. This includes all kinds of valves, ball valves, dampers and so on. The most demanded position is water shut-off valves, the scope of which is extensive, from public water supply systems to large-scale industry.

Control valves are also available in the UKSPAR catalog. It includes valves and gates that are necessary to adjust the speed of the work flow. With its help, you can adjust the operating temperature, relieve excess pressure in the line, and more. Another popular category is safety fittings, which protect the pipeline network from emergencies.

Also, the manufacturer of stop valves UKSPAR offers the following items:

  • steam traps to separate the medium into separate phases;
  • sediment filters and mud collectors for filtering the working flow;
  • polyethylene pipes, connections and thermistor fittings;
  • compensators;
  • plungers;
  • connecting parts;
  • counters, manometers, thermometers;
  • and more.

The shut-off and control valves (and other items) from the UKSPAR range can be classified as follows:

  • by scope;
  • according to body material;
  • by type of attachment;
  • on working substances.

By scope

Pipe fittings can be used for both domestic and industrial purposes. In everyday life, this is most often fittings for water supply - for example, sewer valves, taps on boilers, as well as valves and dampers used by housing and communal enterprises. Such products are manually operated, inexpensive, occupy a minimum of space and are easy to install.

For industries, factories, plants, more serious valves are relevant. These can be steel valves and valves with an electric drive, the control of which is automated, various gate valves with an anti-corrosion coating designed for operation in extreme conditions, products of increased strength for highways with an aggressive working environment, and so on.

According to body material

In the UKSPAR store you can buy valves made of the following materials:

  • inexpensive, practical and heavy cast iron;
  • lightweight, affordable brass (for domestic purposes);
  • galvanized and non-galvanized steel;
  • Stainless steel with the best performance.

By Attachment Type

Water stop valves, like any other, can be mounted on a pipe using the following methods:

  • through own flange (flange);
  • between the flanges of the pipeline system (wafer type);
  • by welding (welded).

The type of connection does not affect the performance properties.

By working substances

The most demanded item in the UKSPAR catalog is shut-off valves for water supply. It can be used on plumbing outlets, radiators, domestic and industrial plumbing with cold and hot water. Separately, it is worth mentioning the shut-off valves for heating, which are designed specifically for heating networks and are designed to work with high temperatures.

Also, shut-off valves from the UKSPAR supplier can work with the following working substances:

  1. Air.
  2. Gas flow.
  3. Non-aggressive environments.
  4. Sewage.
  5. Oil.
  6. Steam
  7. Food additives.
  8. Slightly aggressive environments.

High-quality stop valves in Kyiv of the Ukrainian trademark UKSPAR

The manufacturer UKSPAR sells its own fittings, made strictly in accordance with GOSTs from premium quality materials. Products are carefully tested before entering the market, which is documented by certificates. It is possible to deliver products to any point in Ukraine, payment in a convenient way and individual offers for wholesale buyers.

By contacting the managers of the UKSPAR company, you can place an order or get the necessary advice on products.

You can also buy stop valves by making a preliminary online order in our product catalog.

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Successful exploitation
For over 20 years control valves UKSPAR successfully operated in different Ukrainian industries: utilities, construction, food industry, chemical and oil and gas industry, energy sector, gas - heat - water and has great recommendations consumers.
Current prices
On the current date prices in the online store up-to all kinds of the goods including VAT. On the page dedicated to each product marked with its price. You can also download the price for the entire range of our products. The price of the underlying. There is a flexible system of discounts for wholesale buyers.
Drawing design and models
A large part of the pipeline and valves for the convenience of proektam in EXPAR developed 2D drawings for AutoCad and drawings and models in 3D for AutoCad, Compass 3D, and basically the format of the transmission surfaces between CAD systems, STEP.
Convenient filters
In our online store specially designed convenient and simple selection filters product according to the required specifications in any product category. By going to the Products page, you will be able to easily choose the desired item.
Wide range of products
In online store there a wide range of necessary piping and valves for industrial and domestic purposes, in the best ratio of quality parameter and price in this segment of products on the market.
Effective work
Valves UKSPAR operate efficiently in different environments: water, steam, gas, oil products, corrosive media, food, etc., as well as in various parameters of pressure and temperature conditions.

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