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The Ukspar® company is working on the Ukrainian market of pipeline and valves for 25 years. At the initial stage of its operations, the company UKSPAR engaged in supplying pipe fittings from Poland, Spain, Italy and others. European Union countries.

Initial activity of the company

At the initial stage of its operations, the company UKSPAR engaged in supplying pipe fittings from Poland, Spain, Italy and other European Union countries.

During this time, the company's managers had gained considerable experience working with commercial structures, as well as work with design, installation and operational organizations in various areas of their business. It has allowed to study the needs of all major groups of buyers.

From distributor to manufacturer

At this point in mind certain reasons, needs and demands logically changed. The main reason for the change in demand is as follows. In response to the crisis and adverse economic situation in the country appeared on the Ukrainian market demand for cheaper products than products produced in Europe. But at the same time buyers remained unchanged requirements to ensure that these products are not lost as a well-known manufacturers.

Take account of these changes could be the most simple way. Organize the delivery of similar products from China and thus solve the pricing issue. Large impersonal but Chinese production did not guarantee compliance with the required quality and technical parameters in relation to pipeline valves used on the Ukrainian market.

Therefore, in order to satisfy consumer demand specialists and owners of the company was made the crucial decision about creating products under its own brand name with the required quality and ensure accountability, but at more affordable prices.

Through trial and error, was chosen the most appropriate option manufacture the whole range of pipe and valves under the brand UKSPAR. Best quality and cheap it happened to realize together with producers from countries in Southeast Asia.

Company had done enormous work involved and highly qualified engineering and technical staff to adapt all the products to the Ukrainian market.

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And, of course, in the first place the question was raised of product quality and performance of its control.

At this point in the factories where the products are produced UKSPAR, technology companies made the hard process control of all manufactured products, manufactured under the brand name of the company.

The product range is constantly expanding in line with the growing needs of the market, our customers and partners. Quality, reliability and availability of our products are the key to a successful business of our partners and customers.

All products sold has Ukrainian Quality certificates and special permits for use of all production from Gospromgornadzor.
Quality warranty for any product is 24 months from the date of sale in its proper use.

The professional staff of the company not only sells, but also assist you in resolving any issues related to the use of our products.

  • Provide expert technical advice
  • Assisting in podobore analogues of a product
  • addressing any problems encountered during installation or start-up, if necessary, to go on site.

Our company is considering any proposals for the implementation of integrated supply on request.

Always glad to cooperate with each other!

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