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Pumps and pumping stations

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Pumps sold by UKSPAR divided into the following types:
- Submersible Drainage;
- Deep wells;
- Circulation for heating;
- Centrifugal water horizontal.
With regard to your needs, you will pick up any desired pump on the following parameters:
     working medium - water, corrosive waste water, waste water containing faecal matter, and particulate matter;
     Pressure - 160 - 1.7 m;
     flow rate - 1.0 -22.8 m3 / h (17.0 -379.6 l / min);
     temperature - -10 ÷ + 110C.
Price of the product, you can find out once on the page specifically chosen pump or by downloading the general price list.
Buy pumps, you can read as follows: using the step by step instructions posted on the page "How to order" (see. Well as the top menu), create online pre-orders.
Then be sure to contact our manager, specifies methods of payment, delivery and get advice on the positions of the goods for which you have doubts about the correctness of their choice.
Also, you can send a e-mail:, and our managers will contact with you in the near future.


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