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Safety valves

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Pilot operated pressure reducing valve flanged cast iron, DN 15 / PN10
Fig. JRV-SF16-15
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  • Nominal bore, DN (mm): 15
  • Pressure, PN: 10
  • Temperature (max), °C: до +220
  • Connection: Flanged
  • Body material: grey cast iron GG25
  • Working environment: steam



Safety valve - a device designed to protect against mechanical damage of pipelines, vessels and equipment from the planned or not planned excess pressure in the technological system. Protection is provided by the automatic reset excess pressure to the established norm in the liquid, vapor and gaseous environment.

Safety valves, depending on the design features and functionality are divided into:

• the method steps:
- Safety valves direct action - displacement of the locking device is a force arising from the direct effects of fluid pressure to the sensor
- Safety valves indirect impacts - displacement of the locking device is an amplifier, which is exposed to a force sensor fluid pressure
• the type of operation:
- Full lift safety valves - opens fully overpressure;
- Proportional pressure relief valves - open proportionally above a certain pressure force;

Safety valves, which you can buy in the company UKSPAR, designed for use in all industrial sectors: chemical, petroleum, food, water and heat in the pipes with various gas and liquid environments shaped.

Knowing the specifications, you will choose (using the filters on the left column of this page of the site) any desired pressure relief valve on the following parameters:
• working environment - natural gas, air, inert gases, steam, water, corrosive environments, food liquids
• Diameter - DN (dn) 15H20mm - 200H250mm
• Pressure - 1,6MRa
• temperature control - <300 ° C
• Body material - carbon steel, stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 316
• fittings - flanged
• design features - polnopodemnye proportional.

Price of the product, you can find out once on the page specifically chosen the safety valve, or by downloading a common price list.
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