Special conditions for cooperation

"Ukspar®" company with its customers and partners, is building a system of cooperation, which tries to satisfy all their needs and wishes.

For different categories of customers, we offer a variety of useful materials and bonuses. Conventionally, these categories are divided into trading organizations (intermediaries), developers, buyers (installation and operational organization, retail buyers)

Trade organizations

In the category of trade organizations include all those who are engaged in retail and wholesale trade. This can be shops, warehouses, online shops, etc.

For trading organizations in the company UKSPAR are special conditions of cooperation. Is This:

  • Discounts for trading organizations
  • A single price policy throughout Ukraine;
  • Provision of promotional materials (catalogs, calendars, flyers);
  • Consulting support.


The category includes all those buyers who purchase products for final consumption. This retail buyers, installation and operating organizations and others..

For this category of customers in the system of discounts depending on the amount of purchases. For regular customers may receive an additional bonus, which is calculated individually in the form of cumulative discount.


In the category of designers includes those organizations that are developing projects that can be included products of our company.

For convenience and speed up the work of designers, designed and built a library of drawings of all major types of reinforcement in the form of our 3D.

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